A Home for Equal Explorers of Breath and Movement 

Russian Martial Art – Systema is a holistic health and wellness system that uses modern hand-to-hand combatives (striking, grappling, ground fighting) as a crucible for self-discovery.

The methodologies of Systema allow students to openly explore themselves and how they function under stress and pressure while giving them practical solutions to overcome these challenges.

Systema Auckland provides:
- Training that teaches your body to think and spirit to endure
- A safe, healthy and refreshing environment for self-discovery
- Methods to develop versatility, adaptability, and freedom
- Work that is gauged to individual needs, goals and capacities
- Knowledge and skills that are practical to everyday life
- Training now open to children 13–17 years old
What you will learn with Systema Auckland:

- Increase your mind/body awareness

- How to process stress and function under it

- Practical and healthy ways to overcome adversity

- Effective combative/self-defense strategies

- Discover poise and self-confidence

- How to access creativity and resourcefulness

We are committed to you and your success!! 

By helping students breathe fully, learn to clear out their excess tension, explore movement and understand their form (physical, emotional, psychological), Systema Auckland aims to build students and help them attain their goals.

We look forward to meeting you and getting you on the path to optimum livingSee you out on the floor, growing and excelling!!

Systema Auckland student working the Pravilo.