A Home for Equal Explorers of Breath and Movement 

Systema Training

Russian Martial Art - Systema offers a unique and refreshing approach to the development of self defense skills and the pursuit of optimum health/wellbeing.

Systema allows the student to find deep relaxation, explore practical modern combatives, enhance their physical fitness and challenge the very core of themselves.

Through honest exploration, Systema challenges the student's assumptions about themselves in a very personal manner. It then gives practical ways to tackle any

issue(s) that may pose an obstacle or barrier to living a safe and healthy life. 

Rather than rote learning of martial arts techniques, Systema develops a student first through a base understanding of the principles of: Breathing, Relaxation, Movement, and Form (Physical, emotional, psychological). These principles, coupled with the students natural abilities, are then applied to combative situations where they can then discover what works for them and what doesn't. Through these methods, students begin to build an optimism and confidence under all types of stress. Later applicable techniques are researched and added to the student's toolbox where appropriate.

Therefore, through committed practice under the principles of the Systema the student obtains a set of personalized tools that are applicable to all aspects of their lives.

The Work 

The core of Systema is a study of the interaction between the student and the 4 base principles of:

Breath / Relaxation / Movement / Form

These base principles are skills within themselves and give the student a launch pad to develop endurance, striking power, sensitivity, the use of any part of the body for defense and attack, escape and exit strategies, and an efficiency that is gauged to the situation.

Self defense work is explored through a variety of unique drills and concepts. Systema's training methods aim to develop a versatility that is based on freedom and natural movement.

Dedicated Systema training produces a person that is adaptive, powerful, and does not rely on fixed movements, patterns or forms. It uses exceptional, dynamic free-flow drills to unlock the student's potential and free them from their biggest opponents - Fear and Tension.

In regards to health/wellbeing, Systema utilizes a variety of methods to allow students to delve deeply into what makes them function on multiple levels. This is completed through series of conditioning drills that look to identify weakness in the person then give them the opportunity to build themselves up in a healthy way.

Drills can be anything from solo exercises through to partner and group drills. Physically, the drills work the student's whole body and let them explore movement, strength and range. Psychologically, the student must find out for themselves what fear they hold, what may be blocking their progress and importantly, how to go about combating these obstacles.

Systema only works in conjunction with correct breathing techniques. Therefore, a significant amount of time is spent on developing a breath that is continuous, sufficient and that leads one's movement.  Through these techniques, endurance and relaxation are ultimately obtained.

Further health work, centers around a massage system that clears out, relaxes, and builds the body and psyche. Massage has the ability to neutralize the damaging effects of stress on the human body. Massage has the added bonus of preparing the mind/body for contact during Systema's self-defense training.


“3 things I love about training with Loren and the crew at Systema Auckland are:

1. Constant Progression - It's the only martial art I've practiced where I always feel like I'm learning more about myself and my body each time I train. With a big emphasis on communication it allows you to give and receive critical feedback, and to control the pace of your learning. 

2. Variety - Each class with Loren is unique with an extensive range of exercises, drills and breath work that constantly keeps you stimulated.  

3. The Crew - The cool thing about Systema is everyone trains together no matter how long you have been training - this allows you to not only progress much quicker but enables you to better yourself without the ego or competitive nature that arises in most martial arts. This results in a positive and supportive training culture that is not sole focused on simply destroying or dominating your training partners, therefore preventing a lot of unnecessary injuries and or damaged egos.” -Daniel Smith / Student