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The Club

We welcome

new students!!

Students at Systema Auckland range from the true beginner to the consummate Martial Artist with years of dedicated experience behind them.

Students come from all walks of life and are treated with respect no matter what their background, gender, age, ethnicity.....or fitness level!!

The environment at Systema Auckland is purposefully centered around getting students to carry themselves as equal explorers on the floor. Ego, bullying, or intimidation are not tolerated and weeded out at every opportunity.

The old adage - "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" is a good description of the work ethic of Systema Auckland students. We all seek to boost one another to new heights of skill and awareness. Students are encouraged to dialogue and work together for the bettering of themselves, one another, the group as a whole, and the communities around us all. 

Things to know

Requirements to Join:

- 17 years or older

- All students must sign a basic liability waiver

- I reserve the right of refusal, ie. I make the final decision as to who is permitted to train with Systema Auckland. (Applicants hold no legal recourse)

What to bring/wear:

- As we train on hard surfaces (wood floor, concrete), it is advised that students wear long pants. Some students choose to wear knee pads/wraps

- No uniform required

- Casual clothing/sneakers

- Make sure you wear clothes that you don't mind possibly being damaged

- Bring a water bottle

- Sweat towel

- Change of clothes, if needed

- An open mind and desire to change towards the positive!!


“For myself, Systema has been a gift that words cannot express. Loren Clements is an amazing teacher who genuinely cares for everyone...

I cannot recommend Systema Auckland enough for anyone looking to improve their health, wellbeing, awareness and real life survival skills.” - Dan Miles / Systema Waikato

“Systema is totally inclusive of all body shapes, fitness levels and abilities and Auckland’s head instructor is 100% faithful to this fundamental practice.”

- Jeremy / Student

"I have been very fortunate to both train with and teach at Systema Auckland. Loren's group, his methods and approach are holistic, realistic and mature. From health and wellbeing, to the martial and self-preservation, Systema Auckland has got you covered."

- Vali Majd / Roots Dojo founder / Founder and Director JTFSecurity Group

“I have been doing various martial arts since about 1981, and Systema is the best self-defense training I have ever experienced. The classes are challenging at any level of ability and fitness, always changing, relevant, open to all, very affordable, fun, and friendly. Loren and Tyson are excellent, qualified teachers with a lot of real-life experience, and we also regularly get top Systema trainers visiting from around NZ and from overseas to broaden our experience with weekend-long seminars. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in functional fitness, exploring movement and relaxation, self-defense and generally dealing with pressure situations, challenging yourself, or just human contact with a great bunch of friends.”

- Anna Cruse, IT / Physical Performing Artist 


Most importantly - thanks to the Systema Auckland crew!! You have my deepest appreciation for all the hard work, effort and support you've shown over the years. Let's keep going and growing!! Cheers.

Huge appreciation als goes out to:

Vladimir VASILIEV and the SystemaHQ crew, Emmanual MANOLAKAKIS and his Fight Club crew, Tyson WALTERS, Les HAYES, Dan MILES, the Waikato crew, Mike NABER (CHCH), Paul ROWE, David QUAILE (AUS), Adam VOUNORIDIS (AUS), Martin WHEELER (USA), Vali MAJD (CAN), Igor DAVIDOV (CAN), Adam and Brendon ZETTLER (CAN), Filip MARIC, Dunken FRANCIS, Kwan LEE (USA), Sergey MAKARENKO (USA), Louis VAN WYK (AUS), David MUNDI (AUS) and to all the inspiring people I've had the pleasure to train with over the years - thanks!

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