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Pravilo Suspension Training

Based on ancient Russian / Slavic warrior traditions, Pravilo (prav-I-loh) Suspension Training is a tool for opening and balancing the body, mind and spirit.

What is Pravilo? Essentially, Pravilo a.k.a "The Corrector" is a stretching apparatus for humans!!

A Simple Idea: The suspension of the body by the limbs between four posts to lengthen and strengthen:

Ligaments, Tendons, Muscle, the Nervous System and the Breath

Benefits of Stretching:

The Pravilo apparatus provides the practitioner a spectrum of stretching from passive to active, static to dynamic. The experience is highly individualized and based on the practitioner's current capacities, their own engagement in the process, and short-term or long-term goals. Commonly acknowledged benefits of stretching are listed below. 

- Increases mind/body connection and awareness
- Challenges your nervous system
- Boosts physical and mental performance
- Increases full body blood flow
- Stretches fascia/connective tissue
- Decompresses joints throughout your body
- Opens your rib cage, boosting your breath capacity
- Calms your mind and helps you settle yourself
- Flexibility + Range of motion increases
- Aids recovery from sports/athletic activity

Pravilo Suspension Training is a challenging but ultimately rewarding practice for a casual user to dedicated practitioner alike. Pravilo decompresses, lightens and refreshes, strengthens and balances. Try Pravilo training and feel the benefits for yourself!! Get booked in today!!


I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact: Loren CLEMENTS



Private Sessions


45 minute treatment session = $40

(Pay on the day - cash)


Breathwork + Warm-up/Body Prep + Stretch/Strengthen (utilizing a floating weights system) + Debrief

Location: Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Sundays

Further Information:

These sessions are held indoors.

Wear loose fitting clothing/gym wear. Layers if needed (cold weather).

Group Sessions

*Apologies - Group sessions are currently on

hold but will return in due course*

Treatment Session = $20 (Pay on the day)

Session lengths will be dependent on the number of people in attendance (Limit 5). Each participant will have at least 15 minutes of suspension time.

Includes: Warm-up + Stretch/Strengthen (utilizing winch based system)


Capoeira Academy

29 Randolph Street, Newton, Auckland


Sundays - Arranged on a week to week basis

8.30 - 10.00am

First come / First serve - Email to reserve a space


Fitness requirements: The ability to perform - 15 push-ups / 15 squats / 15 sit-ups / 1min plank

Contraindications: Acute muscular and/or joint injury, joint replacement, unmanaged blood pressure issues, any transmittable skin conditions (fungal or otherwise). Please feel free to mention any condition you are dealing with if you're unsure of its impact on training.