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Systema Auckland's Healthwork-based Workshop Series 2019

Stress, pressure and anxiety - We ALL feel it. We ALL fall prey to it. We ALL suffer the repercussions!!

Some of this stress and pressure comes from outside sources - work life, family demands, deadlines, bills, traffic(!!), etc. Some pressure we invite into our lives through the activities we choose to undertake - sports, martial arts, competition, etc.

No matter where the stress and pressure is coming from, it all takes a physical, emotional and psychological toll. Studies show that an estimated 75 - 90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, gastointestinal issues are just a few problems, among many others, linked to stress.

We often try to shelve this stress and pressure, try to hide it away. NZers are well known for the "oh, she'll be right" or "harden up" attitudes. These approaches may serve a purpose in the shortrun, but over the longhaul, they can prove deadly!! Don't fall prey to them.

Have no fear, there IS hope. You CAN take back control.

Allow Systema Auckland to help you develop tools that can start to wind back the damaging effects of stress, pressure and anxiety. Discover methods that will help you process stress and pressure in healthy ways, thus lessening the negative effects they pose.

The breath and bodywork methods of Systema are suitable for ALL. There is no prior experience required, just a willingness to change yourself for the better!! 

The methods employed for this workshop series will include: Breathwork, body conditioning (stretch and strength work), and massage (self and partnered). Please note: There will be NO combatives/self-defence for this series.
You DO NOT have to live under the burden of stress and the excess tension that comes with it. Allow Systema Auckland to guide you in finding true resilience against what can be a very testing modern age!!
Event Details:

Date/Time: Sunday 28th April 2019, 1pm - 4pm

Location: Capoeira Academy, 29 Randolph Street, Newton, Auckland

Cost: $30 (Cash - Payable on the day) Proceeds go to help support the Capoeira Academy.

What to bring: Wear comfy/loose clothing, water bottle, sweat towel
Please register your interest via email. (There are only 24 spaces available.)

Email Loren CLEMENTS: <>

Any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer what I can and seek solutions where possible.

I hope to see you on the floor, working to understand the excess tension you hold, working it out and to see you -


So, all go here at Systema Auckland......Stay tuned for Details!!

In the meantime - get yourself down to any of our weekly training sessions and get the System working for you!!