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(Certified by Vladimir VASILIEV, SystemaHQ, Toronto, Canada)

2000 – Began martial arts studies (Chinese Martial Arts systems, 'reality-based' combative systems, Qigong, and yoga)

2005 – Started Systema training and concepts exploration

2007 – Switched sole focus to Systema, established Systema Auckland

2011 – Certified as ‘Instructor-in Training

2013 – Re-certified as ‘Instructor-in Training’

2014 – Granted full ‘Instructor’ certification

2017 – Re-certified as ‘Instructor’

2019 - Re-certified as 'Instructor'

2021 - Began supplemental training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (under Paulo OLIVEIRA, Sorriso BJJ, Auckland NZ)

2022 - Re-certified as 'Instructor"

Loren continues his up-skilling through daily training, running weekly Systema Auckland training sessions, networking with Systema instructors world-wide, attending seminars, organizing/running workshops, and arranging seminars with international instructors here in New Zealand.

Loren rounds out his teaching/knowledge base by drawing upon the 8 years he spent working as a front-line police officer. He feels strongly that his training in Systema was a important factor in his ability to carry out his day-to-day operational duties, support his team and keep himself resilient to the associated stress and pressure involved in policing.   

In regards to his classes, Loren creates a healthy environment where those interested in Systema can work as equal explorers and delve into this unique art. His goals are to bring awareness and confidence to his training partners/students. His larger goal is to always remain an engaged student himself.

Loren currently works as a certified massage therapist (in both mobile and clinical settings) in the Auckland area. For more info, please visit: or  

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