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Teaching Assistant:


(Instructor-in-Training /

Certified by Vladimir VASILIEV)

Tyson Walters is a life long martial artist, and has always enjoyed the numerous benefits that training brings into ones life. With a background based predominantly in Japanese Budo, Tyson has had the good fortune to study with teachers based in Canada, United States, South Korea, and Japan.

Tyson relocated to New Zealand in 2012 and started working with the Department of Corrections initially as a Probation Officer, and then later shifted to work in the Prison system at the only maximum security prison in the country. He proudly continues this work today in service to both his local community and adopted country of New Zealand.

Due to the demands and challenges associated with this work Tyson began training with Systema Auckland. The results and benefits of working through the methodology of Systema became quickly apparent. His ability to work through difficult and dangerous situations was improved as was his overall health.

Tyson is now helping teach classes at Systema Auckland part time and holds an Instructor-in-Training credential granted from Vladimir VASILIEV in 2017. Re-certified 2019.

He is focused on increasing students health, wellness, self-knowledge, and martial capability for the betterment of the communities we live in.

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